Toll Free: 1-844-273-0500


Toll Free: 1-844-273-0500

About Us

Why choose ACP?
Our staff has a commitment to the client as well as the consumer. We showcase the same integrity on case by case basis providing a higher level of service to the client, and providing the upper most ethical concern for our consumer.

What sets us apart
State of the art account recovery, We employ a state of the art approach comprised of focused, nimble teams. This enables a greater flow of strategy throughout the organization empowering portfolio recovery managers to hone their liquidation rates. Our advanced software and tools augment our highly trained staff to outperform any of the industries competitors.

Proven Process
We take a high level of assurance, active management approach to account recovery. We believe our approach provides us with the winning formula for delivering strong for our clients.

Recovery Plan
The firm has implemented a ‘self-recovery’ solution for systems and data recovery and utilizes third party locations for recovery workspace. Customary updates are made to the business continuity plan on an annual basis. Data process operations are backed up intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly and year-end to disk storage devices that are offsite. Some systems are HA (high availability) based on strategy, and other critical documentation is stored both on the network and offsite; backup tapes are also stored offsite for telecommunications. The firm has backup redundancy between New York, Texas, Florida and Washington.

Interested in becoming a client?
If you are a creditor or a debt buyer interested in using ACP's services? Please use the contact tab and provide us with a brief description of your delinquent accounts.